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Fellow-pilgrim writing samples from 
Educating the Eye (I):

“Throughout The Divine Comedy, Dante the pilgrim encounters various characters with heightened or degraded levels of Voice. Through the power or falseness of their words, they either reveal their blessedness or damned-ability. In the Eighth Pouch of the Eighth Circle of Hell, Dante meets perhaps the most “false-voiced” resident of Inferno, the soul of Ulysses.”

Rachel Adams
Bryn Mawr School 1998

“Although Dante’s The Divine Comedy is set in an intricate fantasy world based on the existence of a supernatural power, the poem’s most poignant and relevant insights derive from the development of ordinary human relationships–the most prominent of which is the relationship of Vergil and Dante/Pilgrim.  Similarly, Harry Chapin’s song “Tangled Up Puppet” centers on the connection between parent and child, focusing specifically (as does the Comedy) on how that bond changes over time.”  

Georgios Gittis
Gilman School 2006

In Canto XIII, the pilgrim can hear the cries for help from the second sub-circle of the seventh circle. “Then I struck out my hand a little before me and plucked a small branch from a great thorn bush; and its stem cried out: ‘Why do you split me?’” (XIII, 31-33.) As the pilgrim breaks the thorn of the damned soul, the soul immediately accuses him of inflicting pain and cries out for the pilgrim. Is this how much pain I will inflict on my mother when I leave her? Will I break her and cause her to cry out for me? Will she beg me to tell her why I am leaving her? GUILTY 

Marsie Salvatori
Roland Park Country School, 2017

“Last night, Michael Jordan announced his retirement from the NBA and I cried. Dante never watched Jordan play basketball, but I think that he would have known that he was seeing something special. For me, Jordan’s performances were about as close to religious experiences as I can imagine…When Dorothy Sayers talks about Dante’s idea of “ingodding,” she means that in Heaven we will see as God sees because fruition with God will have happened.  Well, I would like to talk about “in-Jordaning.”

Childs Walker
Gilman School 1994